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Easy, Affordable and Customized to your Needs

Innovative Brewery Automation Solutions

The Brewer's Dashboard instantly provides vital batch data to your brewers when and where they need it. Managing your tanks & brew process with the Brewer's Dashboard brings precision control & consistency to the brewing process.

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How it Works

The Brewers Dashboard is a powerful data acquisition, automation and visualization system. Contained in the Brewers Dashboard is a full SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) software suite that is highly developed and used by 1000s of people around the world across many industries.


Precision Temperature Control

Accurate, industry proven, and accessible from anywhere. Our advanced temperature control system will revolutionize the way you brew

Automation Solutions to Fit Your Needs

From Nano to Large Distributed Facilities, Expands and grows with your brewery, Cross-Platform, Flexible deployment, Built-in communication protocols

Process Control and Reporting

Batch reports display real time temperature and laboratory testing all on one dynamic screen. Your recipes are used to set temperatures at each stage of the brew.


Brewhouse Controls

Monitor and control your brewhouse and include the brewhouse reading in your finial batch report.  Program step mashing and remotely turn on your boiler before brewing.

Everything Else!

  • Tank Level Monitoring

  • Chiller & Glycol Monitoring / Alarming

  • Boilers, Air Compressors & Other Equipment

  • Energy Monitoring & Management

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The Brewers Dashboard is built using an industry proven automation and SCADA software platform which uses standard technologies like SQL databases, Java, Ajax and Flash.  Because of our adoption of standard technologies and best practices issues like security and integration are handled by industry proved platforms making the Brewers Dashboard very scalable, secure, and reliable.

Besides the standard features of the Brewers Dashboard Infinite Automation Systems, Inc. can also provide custom automation solutions to solve your unique problems.  This includes system design, integration with third party devices, PLC programming and control boxes, user interfaces and more.

  • Buildings Automation

  • Water Treatment

  • Data Center Monitoring

  • Smart Grid and Energy Management

  • And more

Our Clients

Why companies like Brewers?

"I installed the dashboard in our new facility and we control all our fermentors, brite tanks and chiller reservoir remotely by computers and brewers' cell phones. You can change temperatures from home and also receive alarm messages on your phones if one of the temperatures are off. 100% recommendable."  

Daniel Pages
Upslope Brewing Co. Boulder, CO

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